Bonne Journée

To meet us –to meet a win-win business.

We founded XIANGERSHI to help people around the world make better pizza and food at home and outdoor, we specialized in pizza oven, barbecue grill and fire pit which created the amazing experience for our customers. More people than ever have become interested in healthy cooking and the value of spending time together; XIANGERSHI is right at the heart of that vision and we are excited about the future of our industry and our manufacturing. When you buy a XIANERSHI oven or barbecue grill, you get the benefits of our advanced engineering and proven designs. We cooperated with the world-class oven design company which take the world’s market-driven and consumers-oriented serious. Thanks to our chief designer and engineer Wong, who always leading us stand on the top of international oven technology wave tip. And With all these advantages, we know the market and what you need the best, let’s get fire up right now and start a win-win cooperation.